Marrakech- chaotic and tranquil at the same time


I love travelling to a new city, taking in a culture and exploring colours, smells and sounds that creates a unique sense of that place. It is something that I am always excited for! So, my visit to Marrakech was no exception-a little bit of a culture shock but it was wonderful and amazing at the same time too.
Marrakech is one of the busiest cities in Africa and the driving style is rather a bit of a problem if you want to rent a car. So, we didn’t it frightened me too much! Taking a taxi ride to our hotel I learned, there is one main driving rule in Marocco –BEEPING! For example – if you want to pass a car, beep your horn as you begin to pass the car in front of you, and then beep again as you pass, and a third time as you hop back into your lane. Beeping in the Morocco can mean a wide range of things, basically beep all the time and everywhere…..Or use a public transport and try to explore the winding souks and tangled streets of this magnificent city by walking. That is what we did!
If you are walking around Marrakech, there is a big chance someone will stop you and suggest that you follow them, as they will guide you through the most amazing and hidden places of the city for only a small fee of £15 .That is what happened to us – we paid someone who took us through the back streets of the medina where was quiet and peaceful, with hardly any tourists in sight and gave us a great history lesson on the city and the Moroccan people .While we walked talking, colourful shops of shoes, fabrics and ceramics brightened the way through the maze of the Souks and led us to a hectic main square of the Jemaa el Fna . It was full of Henna artists, palm readers, Snake charmers (one of them draped a snake around my husband’s neck without any warning) and street performers. Spices from the Souk, vibrant and colourful sights, sounds and smells begged photos to be taken. So I did take hundreds of them until I got in trouble with one local man who tried to snatch my camera as I took a picture without his permission. Apparently, as our guide explained later, locals believe that pictures capture their soul and advised try to avoid taking pictures of local people in Marrakech. There is another thing I suggest to avoid – public toilets! The hole in the ground and no toilet paper… but you get a tiny bucket with a little bit of water instead. However, the day was fabulous, we tried Moroccan ice cream and pastries, visited a local herbal pharmacy, bought some spices and suveiniers.

Well, I have to say exploring this magnificent city was one of the best travelling experience my family and I have ever had.
After a very tiring and hectic day spent in Marrakech souks, what can be better than relaxing in the stunning hotel? And I am so glad I choose our accommodation wisely, and ensured it’s a calm, quiet and peaceful place with a beautiful grounds and snowy Atlas Mountains in the background! We enjoyed every minute sunning ourselves on a dreamy patio, tasting delicious food and drinking amazing Moroccan mint tea at this wonderful hotel.

What a fabulous adventure in one of the most exotic places I’ve ever been!


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