Shrovetide Carnival in Vilnius, Lithuania

Every Year, 46 days before Easter, Lithuanians are celebrating the Shrove Tuesday (Užgavėnės). Hundreds of people in the streets wearing beast, witches costumes and masks are dancing and singing fun songs, baking pancakes and watching a fight between the festival characters Kanapinis( Hempen man personifying Spring) and Lasininis(Porky personifying Winter).

 Everyone has the same goal – to chase the winter away and welcome the upcoming spring. Finally, the festival is crowned by burning the old made More, a female symbol of the clash between winter and spring.

 So, if you come to Lithuania during this time, don’t get scared of devils, goats and beggars dancing in the streets, visiting homes and playing pranks, join them and celebrate the Shrovetide, one of the most exciting festivals in Lithuania.



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