I left my heart in Italy…

Cinque Terre – the magical piece of Italy and I think, is one of the most beautiful places in the world! Cinque Terre is a name to describe five fishing villages – Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso. These five little villages filled with cute pastel-painted houses and narrow, cobbled streets are simply stunning. They are hikers paradise offering picturesque views and breathtaking panorama.

I remember, 10 years ago, I was watching a travel program about these five lands and instantly felt in love with it, so since then I was dreaming about visiting this special place.

This summer my dreams came true and finally I was here! I have to say I loved every minute spent in this magnificent place! I loved that there were no cars instead, everyone gets around by walking. I loved tiny, cobbled streets while trying to figure out how old or sick people manage to reach their houses with shopping bags when they have to be carried up hundreds of stairs that are so steep and narrow. I loved the hiking trails that are the most scenic and dramatic, taking you past vineyards and olive groves. I loved the locals offering you a drop of fresh squeezed orange juice when you hiking trails thread between the villages and stupidly realise that you have no water left, but still have many kilometres ahead to complete the trail. I loved cute little harbours with colourful fishing boats and clear blue water where you jump to refresh yourself after climbing  the steepest hilltops to enjoy the most spectacular views. I loved everything, lazy cats laying in the middle of road, blooming agaves on hiking trails, pebbled beaches where you hardly can walk with bare feet, huge rocks that  you can use instead of sunbathing beds and even jellyfish floating in water  and trying to kiss you leaving burning marks on your skin while you swimming.  I loved this place so much that I cannot wait to return!

It is no secret that I love Italy and specially Cinque Terre, the most stunningly gorgeous place on Earth!


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  1. Ishita says:

    I know exactly how you feel. Although I knew of Cinque Terre only 4 yrs back from the images online it doesn’t compare to the 10 of yours, nevertheless I feel every inch of the words you put here. It is magic and I wish I had stayed more than 2 nights. LOVE it despite the tourists.

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    1. It’s magic, you’re right. Thank you Ishita! Xx


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