The best kept secret in the world

fotohome-parmaLet’s go for a walk in Parma.

I’ve read before that Parma was the best kept secret in the world and at the time I doubted this statement.I knew Parma was quite famous for its fine cuisine- Parmigianno-Reggiano formaggio (cheese), and prosciutto (ham), but I didn’t realise that Parma has to offer so much more than its delicious food alone.

It is home to the University of Parma, one of the oldest universities in the world and the composer Verdi was born there. Its historic centre seems untouched by modern times. Piazza Duomo (built between the 11th -13th centuries) is absolutely stunning and it is one of the most frescoed churches I have ever seen. The art work on the ceilings of this church leaves you totally speechless. Strolling through Parma’s historic center, visiting the small shops we decided to sample the famed local cuisine. The lunch we had at the winery was delicious and we sampled many local specialities-handmade pastas, cheese and of course delicious prosciutto and other meats. The food was amazing and no tourist masses spoiling this fantastic place, made me realise and acknowledge the fact that Parma for sure is one of the best kept secret in the world.


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