Soak up the Sun!
Any time of year is a great time to visit Fuerteventura, but in December you can leave the madness of Christmas behind and enjoy the +25 C, sandy beaches and turquoise water!

Fuerteventura – home of dormant volcanoes, towering sand dunes, stunning cliffs, windmills, hidden villages, cactus plantations and, above all, an impressive coastline with 150 km of white sandy beaches and turquoise water.
The name of the island itself comes from fuerte (strong) and ventura (wind).
The farmers of the island took advantage of the strong wind and built large windmills, you will see them all over the island. This is where all the chipmunks live!!!! It is also a great place to surf.The crystal clear water and amazing waves attract surfers from all over the globe. Lots of surfing schools offer two days course for beginners, shame I didn’t have enough time to try it…

Located in the northeastern tip of the island, south of the town of Corralejo, there is a natural park  of pale sand dunes. It is the best place to go to enjoy the desert beauty of Fuerteventura and I would say the whole of the Canary Islands!

At the northern end of Fuerteventura you must stop and visit El Cotillo. The old harbor, with its small shops and restaurants creates relaxing and charming atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of coffee or one of the amazing fish dishes here!
Not far from this village you will find El Cotillo lagoons.They are a great way to enjoy December swim in the crystal clear waters.


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