Let’s start with northern Italy. Bologna! This historic city shows off incredible architecture, buzzing culture and magical secret canals, which whisk you off to Venice for the moment.

The medieval city of Bologna is 25 miles of beautiful porticoes, piazzas and towers. But there is something else that the Bolognese try to hide and only reveal to those of whom are more adventurous, the enchanted canals of Bologna. One of them is here on Via Piella, it’s a little square cut into the wall, which opens up to a beautiful Venice like  canal.

But not only that…Did you know that in the Middle Ages, the city boasted more than 100 towers???These towers were once the status symbol of rich families: the higher the tower, the more money was spent building it. If you in Bologna two of these impressive structures will catch your  eye-the 97 meter high tower of Asinelli and 47 meter high Garisenda tower. Climbing Asinelli was an interesting experience, wooden stairs were so narrow and steep, it seemed never ending…..Once I reached the top, my knees were shacking,but the view was certainly worth it!

The Fountain of Neptune with its mermaid statues , 666 arches leading to the Sanctuary of the Madonna of San Luca,  traditional couisine and amazing architecture of Bologna  will make your trip unforgettable  experience.



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